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Pakistan's Leading Investment & Project Management Group

West Wings Group is one of the earliest and most established internet investment groups in Pakistan. We build and invest in disruptive internet companies across emerging markets globally, where we deploy capital and resources towards the creation of transformational value propositions solving fundamental societal problems.

“Our history is different. It informs who we are today, why we do what we do and why we think differently."

West Wings was formed in 2015 with the aim of building the largest online business/portal network in Pakistan. The business focused specifically on creating localized portals, often in collaboration with other local internet-based and content companies, and presenting the content in a simple, uniform way to internet users in key Pakistan market. The business further offered local and global  services to its users, as well as communication and community products such as free job portal, real estate portal, and service ordering apps.






Experience Years


New Launching

9 PHCs, US $5M+ worth of value creation and counting

Since its inception, West Wings Group has made over 15 investments held directly or indirectly. We plan to make each and every one a success.
What we do

We enable entrepreneurship

West Wings incubates and invests in internet and technology companies Pakistan. We provide deep operational support to entrepreneurs and help them build market-leading companies.


We leverage proprietary processes to build market-leading companies from scratch. Find out more about our portfolio of companies.


We partner with daring entrepreneurs to build market-leading companies. Learn more about our investment division, Founders Capital.

6+ Years Experience

Building New Businesses & Transformations.
  • Creative development
  • Competitor research
  • World-class web design
  • Optimize operations


We have 6+ years of experience and we build 5 Project and Launch Successfully and we manage 15+ Projects and run with extra ordinary growth.


Our extensive operational support team accelerates the growth of ventures we partner with. Become part of a dynamic and innovative scaling process.
Questions and Answers

General FAQs

West Wings incubates, builds, develops operationally and strategically invests in internet and technology companies Pakistan. It provides operational support to its companies and helps them scale internationally. 

In 2015 we decided to build Investment & Project Management Company Who's Focusing Internet Based Business and Transform All Business Digitally.

Entrepreneurs are likely to prioritise investors with the most professional looking profiles, so make sure you’ve filled in all the relevant sections. Imagine yourself as the entrepreneur and what would impress you in their position. Another way is to send the entrepreneur a personal message when you express interest in their pitch.

This is not a crowdfunding site. The purpose of this site is to facilitate contact between great startups and investors looking to connect with them. Once the initial contact has been established, the subsequent investment transaction takes place directly between you and the entrepreneur (not via our website).

For the vast majority of our portfolio, we charge a management fee—a percentage based upon your total assets under our management. We’re happy to share our fee schedule with you in your complimentary consultation.